Mixologist™ Drink & Cocktail Recipes App Bewertungen

Sehr ausführlich

Die App. enthält sehr viele Rezepte für (fast) alle erdenklichen Drinks. Man kann suchen, stöbern, an Hand von Zutaten suchen usw. Man kann auch die Bestückung der Bar eingeben und sich dann Drinks vorschlagen lassen. Und wem die Rezepte nicht reichen, der kann eigene hinzufügen oder weitere zukaufen. Abgerundet wird die App. durch Erklärungen der Gläser, Zubehör und Fachbegriffe. Was fehlt, sind farbige Bilder oder gar Videos. Das größte Manko stellt aber die Sprache dar: Alles nur auf Englisch. Deshalb nur 3 Sterne! Schade!


Einige sehr tolle Rezepte dabei.


Coole App. Die kann man wirklich "im wahren Leben" brauchen.

Nicht die hübscheste

Aber sicher eine der funktionellsten!

juri naimaer

gute app, sehr übersichtlich und aufgeräumt, sehr viele neue drinks zum ausprobieren, einfach klasse.

Tolles App

Alles was man sucht ist hier vorhanden. Wenn Gäste nach einem Cocktail fragen, den ich "noch" nicht kenne, hier ist er auf alle Fälle. Ich würde nun nur noch gerne meine eigenen Custom Drinks veröffentlichen und von anderen Nutzern Bewertet bekommen. Ansonsten ist dieser App genau wie ich ihn mir wünschen würde!

gut gemacht

Sehr übersichtlich, Erklärung der Dinge, die man braucht, viele Drinks, schneller Zugriff ,rundum gelungen! Ich bin kein Profi, mache nur gelegentlich mal einen Cocktail - dafür ist die App ideal. (iPhone 4, IOS 6)

Super App

Die App ist ihr Geld definitiv wert! Riesige Auswahl an Cocktails und geniale Suchfunktion.

Leider nur auf Englisch! Kann damit nuchts anfangen. Berrug!

Vor dem Kauf gab es keinen Hinweis darauf, dass dieses App nur in englischer Sprache vorliegt. Das grenzt an Betrug! Nicht kaufen!!!

Great App

Love it!

Constantly CRASHES!

I use the custom feature for signature drinks at a couple bars I work at. That's why I bought the app. BUT 1) it crashes every time I add a custom ingredient not in the apps library. Liquor, juice, puree.. 2) Custom drinks won't allow you to rearrange order, once you input, so you have to erase all ingredients if you want to change the order of ingredients. 3) I decided after I entered the drinks to add bar name in front of custom drinks so they grouped alphabetically. But when editing, it erases the whole name instead of allowing you to add to it. SO, the app has great promise, but falls short. It's very cumbersome it enter custom drinks and even a bigger pain to edit or update them! Finally, it seems you can't share, export or backup drinks I've entered.

Functionality reduced

Somehow with the latest update the option to add specific custom ingredients that are not already listed was removed...

No search option.

Yes they have lots of drinks but a ton of the most popular drinks that get ordered at my bar are not in here. The app does not have a search by drink name feature so it takes forever to scroll through all the drinks.

Great app, but lost all customizations

This is a great app, but somewhere along the way it lost all of my favorites and my custom drinks. I have since re-added them, but it sucked. I’m glad they updated it though to 64-bit!

Excellent app

Glad the interface has been updated and is back online.

Love it, feature request

Love the app. Love the liquor cabinet section. Would like to search functionality in the liquor cabinet section please.


Nice update! I have been waiting for an update and it is here. Owned this app for years and love it. To previous reviewer you go to Settings for instructions on how to share a drink.

Great app

What happened to the share button?


Great app but be warned this app is on the Apple chopping block. It has not been updated since 2014 and when you load it Apple warns you it will not work with future versions of iOS. Also there are lots of ingredients missing. Example. Grand Marnier isn't in the database so if you don't know you can use triple sec or Cointreau instead then you won't get the ideas you are looking for. These things aside, it's my favorite mixing app!


I'm being told by IOS they are dropping because it hasn't been updated. I like this app especially the dice.

Mixing made easy

Love the app. So easy to find the drink you desire very quickly.


Excellent app. Great database and terrific functionality.

Great app but...

Needs a little bit of a facelift. Even favoriting a drink looks old and is tough to tell if it's favorited or not. Also please update for the new OS, would hate to lose this app!

Needs update according to Apple

Great app, have been using it for over a year. Needs updating according to Apple. Last update was in 2014. Developer needs to orate to continue to work with latest iOS. I assume that means with upcoming iOS 11 this app will stop working.

Something is wrong

I purchased this app two years ago and have loved it ever since, however something has gone wrong. I have been unable to contact anyone for the past two months to ha e my user name and password reset. I have also been unable to save any of my recipes.

Very helpful

Very helpful app


Good app, like the custom feature.

Support in poor

I have been using this app for about 4 years. Recently got signed from the app and when I tried to log back, it said user did not exist. Emailed 4 times w/ no response. Can no longer find my custom drinks and have lost all the add on's l purchased.

Good but no support

Need some work and upgrades. Support is lacking and most offline and update able features don't work now.

Please update for iOS 11!

Good app although I have settled down and don't have the need for it as I one did.


Probably the most comprehensive drink mixing app available but I wish it was updated for iOS 10 for the iPhone 6S. Please update and don't abandon your customers.

Love it, please update it

Lord Calvert isn't even mentioned. Otherwise please keep this app updated so I/we can enjoy this for years to come.


This app needs some major updates and you can't make an account to save all your info because it won't cooperate with the OS. This would seriously take 30 minutes for them to fix but they haven't updated the app in years. Give us something worth the money!

Drink master

Great app.

Used to be perfect...

Update: The developer has not touched this app in 3 years and now it is about to be obsolete. Time to find something new and better. Suggestions anyone? Earlier review: Best Cocktail app for the price, so far. Cabinet feature is good but needs a few more choices when it comes to specialty liquors (St. Germain!). One gotcha, you can do a search against your cabinet and see all the drinks you can make. OK cool, but you end up with a potentially massive list to wade through. Would be great if you could then filter the list from there. For example, I know I want to make a vodka-based martini of some kind, show me just those options. Also too much reliance on brand names. You cannot just search or sort on "Vodka", you have to pick Absolut, or Grey Goose or others. Makes finding all options difficult. Still - those are the only negatives and I hope they will be addressed. This is a great app and with a few tweaks, will be worth an even higher price. A no-brainer at 99 cents.


Why isn't this App getting update support?? iOS now shows, "This App will not work with future updates." What a shame. I like this App. I like the "In My Bar" portion. Input what you have and recipes to match are given.

Way fun!

Very educational, informational, entertaining, and infinitely useful.

Needs Updating

The app needs to be badly updated.


Keeps popping up the app won't be supported because this has never been updated!!! If the developer doesn't update this, then we'll lose everything!!!!!!!!


It won't allow me to sign in to open an account. Add-ons won't open. No one has responded to my email asking about the problems. And for this, I feel, I wasted a dollar. I will post another review if anything changes.

Loving this app

This has gotten sooo much better...

Unable to create account. Nonexistent support

I have tried 5 times to create an account so that I can define my supplies and enter custom drinks and each time I get an error. Contacted support both via the app and via their website and nobody responded in any form.

Dev Support?

This app has not been updated in nearly 3 years, and is soon to be inoperable with iOS 11. Is there still anybody around? It would be a pretty nice app, if it got some love, and a refresh.

Please update this app!

I just got a notice from Apple that the current version will not be supported by future iOS versions. Love the app and want to be able to use it forever.

Please update for ios 11

Hello I hope you will update this app as Apple says it will not work on ios 11. I am currently running ios 10.3.1. I love the app and hope you will continue to support it. Sent from Michael's iPhone 6s Plus

Don't be fooled!

The images in the detail section are nothing like what the real app is. No images of drinks, some category's are blank, slows your phone down, crashes. WHAT A TERRIBLE APP. WASTE OF MONEY!

Nice app, but needs updating

Needs to be updated to work with new versions of iOS.

Needs a little love, but still pretty great

This app has potential to be the greatest drink/liquor/liqueur/bar apps in the App Store. Being someone who is the the food/drink operation I can see this. The app needs fixing, when you pay that extra dollar for the custom drinks feature there's a problem with creating an account! It keeps telling me, Opps something timed out, try again!" I paid that little extra for this feature and it needs to be fixed. The app also needs a facelift from the old fashioned black and silver combo to something fresh and cleaner! Something to represent the bars and mixology places of today! It needs to be improved with adding features also like the garnishes or bitters. There are so many bitters to use and they only have a small handful, make it so we can just write our own into the app. It would be great if it went into more detail about the ingredients (How are they made? What are they made with? What is their flavor/aroma profile? What are common/classic cocktails from this base? The history behind it?) Talk more about the glasses to and what they're design is best for with what cocktails? The mixology/bar scene changes so often and it needs an app to reflect those changes! This app needs to follow suit to those changes and freshen up with more cocktails, more info, and more ingredients!

So helpful

New bartenders must download this app!


Please update this awesome app so we can all still use it? Summers coming upon us and I need my drinks on!, please?

Really old and won't work

App has a warning at the beginning that it is outdated and isn't going to work right

Can't creat account & rating don't stay in the app

I really like the app but i can't create an account to backup my settings. Also the rating for drinks doesnt stay after you leave the recipe. Other than that it's great.

Updating the app anytime soon?

I love the app but - I would love it they would be up to date with everything. That being said - it is a must!

Won't let me register

I bought the app and have tried at various times throughout the day to register and it keeps giving me an "offline error" message.


Need to update app

Very Helpful!

Great selection! Wish the "liquor cabinet" was a little easier to navigate.


App is slow, won't let you create an account, and when I tried to tell it what I had on hand (two different types of vodka) - the mixologist gave me three drinks that did not include vodka...WASTE OF MONEY! Please fix.

Why no updates?

Dead app no updates.


Not sure what to think of this app, every time I open it I get a warning that it may slow down my iPad... Maybe it's time for an update, you think?

Great but...

When the app first came out - it was pretty great. Now - it hasn't been updated in forever. Some of the recipes are just flat wrong (see Long Island iced tea) - you can add your own ingredients and recipes but good luck trying to delete your custom ingredients afterwards. The app needs a serious update. And I've found it seriously lacks several very popular brands of things. ..... and let's face it ... absolut vodka is NOT the same as Tito's, Chopin, or even Ketel One. Taste will vastly impact your drink between the brands.

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