Mixologist™ Drink & Cocktail Recipes App Reviews

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Its a great app, worth the couple of $$

Works pretty solid, and it comes through in a pinch. I wish they would update a bit more, and add some more brands. Disaronno is a major brand, for example, that is not included. There arent many missing, but there are some.

A must have for your Cocktail party.

Everything you need to serve your guests the drinks they like.

Bar Rescue

My go to app, to look for drinks when I watch episodes of Bar Rescue. Just wish theyd have more of those drinks that they create in Bar Rescue. That would make it even better!

Great fork parties or camping:)

Lots of great drinks to try and enjoy!!!!

Lack of updates

Good app but no updates for over two years. Did the company shut down?

My go to for drinks for years now

This app has everything I could want in a mixed drink app including the ability to add my own drink recipes or add other recipes I find elsewhere. What else do you need??

Garbage customer support

Actually think the app is perfect for what I need... If it would work. If you are trying to use this for a custom library, keep looking. It will not back up to the cloud, so you cannot share with multiple devices. I have contacted customer support 3 times in the past week and a half to no avail.

My favorite app!

The only app I actually paid for upgrading from a free version. And it well worth it! Please update more often with new features and new drinks!

Progressing nicely

This app started out great, had a few growing pains with custom drinks, but finally all the features are working great.

Go-to drink app

I love this app! Its my go-to app for nearly all of my drink recipes. But not only that, all the other features are useful too. I use the "random drink" feature many times when Im feeling indecisive about what to make my friends or myself. Definitely worth the money spent on the app (and I very rarely purchase the ad free versions of apps).

Dont be fooled by good reviews

This app is horrible. The drink recommendations are things like "Bulleit on the rocks" or "Jack and Cola." The liquor cabinet feature - the reason I got it - is lame. Lets use pisco as an example. Its NOT on their list of available liquor store pick for your cabinet. But if you search "pisco" they have 4 recipes...none of which are a pisco sour. And the pisco recipes lists were ridiculous (and rated pourly by users). I could go on about a variety of liquors I searched. Its weak. Dont waste your time or dollar.

Great App for Drink Recipes

Fantastic database for sorting and selecting drinks by ingredient.


I like it. I have learned from this app.

Wicked awesome.

Started my waiter/bartender job about a month ago, And this app has been my bible since. Wicked awesome.

Great app

This is a great app for sure and totally agree. Im just wondering when the next update to include the new liquor store be downloaded to make some killer new drinks????

Most Useful App I Have

Good drinks. Lots of drinks. Love the drink finder by ingredient. Constant good adds to the drink database.

My go to app for mixing drinks

Well organized, complete with prefect recipes. What more can you ask for? Another drink then.

Very Nice

Simple interface, search by name, liquor or even brand name.


This app has really helped when a guest has ask for a drink Im not familiar with. Would highly recommend

Got Liquor? Get This App

Just about any drink you can imagine, youll likely find it here. I find it a handy and user friendly tool.

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